Schedule (Sunday, May 8, 2022)

Starting at 9:30 am in Edmonton (Mountain Standard Time)
– 10:30 am in Bismarck
11:30 am in Montreal (Eastern Standard Time)
– starting 5:30 pm Cairo and Essen (+8)
– starting 6:30 pm in Cyprusand Pskov(+9)
– starting 11:30 pm in Singapore

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9:30 am Introductions (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska and Guillaume Tardif)

Competition Results

9:45 Results and videos of winners – Feedback Forum

Violin 5-6        Quinton Fang  (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska)    Third Place

Violin 7-8        Liam Guanhao Ng  (SRO) First Place
Violin 7-8        Aiden Wang  (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska)        Second Place
Violin 7-8        Abysova Yana             (Natalya Fedorova)                         Second Place
Violin 7-8        David Lau Rui Yu      (Vera Boyadzhiev)                            Third Place

Violin 9-10      Belyayeva Elizaveta   (Natalya Fedorova)                       Second Place
Violin 9-10      Savvina Anastasiya     (Natalya Fedorova)                      Second Place
Violin 9-10      Sofia Asim      (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska)       Third Place

Violin 11-12    Gabriel Razlog            (Vladimir Shim)                                First Place  
Violin 11-12    Felix Bebernik (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska)       First Place
Violin 11-12    Marian Nicole A. Panergo      (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska)       Second Place
Violin 11-12    Joanna Baranec           (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska)                   Third Place

Violin 13-14    Nour Ibrahim              (Hossam Shehata)                           First Place   
Violin 13-14    Brekin Ilia       (Natalya Fedorova)                                        Third Place

Violin 15-16    Rana Ahmed Abdelwahab      (Medhat Abdel Salam)       First Place
Violin 15-16    Anneliese Drews         (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska)                   Third Place

Violin 17-18    Jana Elgarem  (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)                                 Third Place
Violin 17-18    Meray Mina Youhana             (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)                        Third Place
Violin 17-18    Rosanne Simard          (Natalie Cadotte)                               Third Place

Violin 19-20    Salma Mamdouh Ahmed Mohamed Sorour   (Marlis Yunskhan)       First Place
Violin 19-20    Mark Lotfy Nossier Mikhael Saad     (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)   Second Place
Violin 19-20    Camila Velasco Duran            (Natalie Cadotte)                                Third Place
Violin 19-20    Adham Shady Abdelsalam Eid          (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)  
Third Place
Violin 19-20    Hashim Bakjaji           (Natalie Cadotte)   Third Place
Violin 19-20    Lina Samy El Sayed   (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)               Third Place

Viola 15-16     Nadine Emad Abdel Ghani Abou Sheeshaa   (Shady Abdelsalam)    Second Place

Viola 17-22     Moustafa El Herazy    (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)              Second Place
Viola 17-22     Anastasia Cipko          (Guillaume Tardif)                         Second Place

Cello 7-10       Viola Myslovskaya     (Yuliy Myslovskiy)                             First Place
Cello 7-10       Anatoliy Brychook     (Yuriy Klyushnik)                         Third Place    

Cello 13-16     Antonio Valerio Raco (M.Prodi and G. Fugazzotto)     First Place
Cello 13-16     Dylan Knell    (Natalia Vacarciuc)                                          Second Place

Cello 17-18     Aloïs Vergriete-Pascal           (Anik Hébert)                      Second Place
Cello 17-18     Samuel Ouellet Mata  (Anik Hébert)                                   Second Place
Cello 17-18     Margaux Blanchard    (Anik Hébert)                                        Third Place

Violin 21-22    Jay Hansen      (Guillaume Tardif)                                   Second Place

Violin 23-28    Pin Wen Chen             (Guillaume Tardif)                           First Place
Violin 23-28    Salma Hisham Balba  (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)              Second Place Violin 23-28    Pillar Adel Kamel Elmenshawy  (Dr. Shady Abdelsalam)   Third Place

Double-Bass Charles-Étienne Meloche    (Yannick Chênevert)  Second Place

Chamber Ensemble    Liam Guanhao Ng & Maria Protodyakonova       First Place

Chamber Ensemble    CJ Hsieh, Pin-Wen Chen, Laura Wakeman           First Place

Chamber Ensemble    Liam Guanhao Ng (8)&Aiden Wang (8)             Second Place

Chamber Ensemble    Yahia Shadad (23) Mohamed Safwat     Third Place

Chamber Ensemble                Dr. Shady Abdelsalam                                 Third Place

Chamber Ensemble    “Medley Quartet: Salma Balba et al.              Third Place    

Chamber Ensemble                Dr. Shady Abdelsalam                           Third Place    

String Orchestra          University of Alberta Symphony String Section   First Place
String Orchestra          Orchestre de chambre du Cégep de SaintLaurent                        Second Place
String Orchestra          Dr. Shady Abdelsalam                                        Second Place
String Orchestra          Isis String Orchestra   Khaled Saleh                       Third Place


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est. 10:00 Presentation (Khaled Saleh): Reflections on conducting an amateur string orchestra

est. 10: 15 Presentation (Salma Sorour): Reminiscing Mr. Marlis’ manner of teaching in Cairo.

est. 10:30 Presentation (Robert Papocsi): Why do orchestras need a conductor?

est. 10:45 Presentation (Everaldo Martinez): Organizing and planning your practicing with clear goals.

est. 11:00 Presentation (Moshe Hammer and G Tardif): String playing, perspectives on artistry and sound.

est. 11:15 Presentation (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska): Considerations from recent activities abroad – and greetings from Henry Raudales (Brussels)

est. 11:30 Conclusion and Thanks (Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska and Guillaume Tardif)